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Have you eaten enough wholegrain today?

Most of us know it’s important to eat at least five portions of fruit and veg every day. But what many of us don’t know is that we should be eating more wholegrain to keep us healthy too!

3 servings - try and eat this every day

Nutritionists around the world encourage eating at least three servings of wholegrain a day.

But despite the nutritional benefits, National Diet and Nutrition Surveys show that 95% of UK adults fail to reach three servings a day. In fact, on average, most of us don't even eat that in a week - and almost a third of us don't eat any at all.

It can be surprisingly easy to get wholegrains into your diet!


Serving sizes - what does a serving of wholegrain look like?

It's generally agreed that one serving of wholegrain = 16 grams of wholegrains.

Here's a rough guide to what that looks like: 

wholegrain cereal.jpg

3 heaped tbsps
breakfast cereal

uncooked porridge oats.jpg

1 heaped tbsp
porridge oats

wholemeal bread slice.jpg

1 medium slice

small bread roll.jpg

1 small


2 oatcakes

wholemeal pitta bread.jpg

1/2 wholemeal pitta bread

wholemeal tortillas.jpg

2 wholemeal

half a wholemeal scone.jpg

1/2 wholemeal

rye crisp breads.jpg

2 rye crispbreads

half wholemeal savoury muffin.jpg

1/2 wholemeal
savoury muffin

half wholemeal bagel.jpg

1/2 wholemeal

brown rice.jpg

2 heaped
tbsps cooked
brown rice

wild rice.jpg

2 heaped
tbsps cooked
wild rice

brown pasta.jpg

3 heaped tbsps
cooked brown